Old ways of seeing are unravelling

What might peer dialogue with the BELR community offer you now?

2020 BELR Leadership Gatherings

at the intersection of artistic and leadership practice

We look forward to welcoming you

August 24, 26 and 28

8am-11am LA / 11am-1pm NY / 4pm-7pm Dublin
Find the time in your area

OUR AGENDA - Monday, Wednesday, Friday​

Opening Circle

Connect in Trios

Artist & Leaders in Dialogue

with Martin Hayes & Pádraig Ó Tuama

Themed Sessions

(Choose one each day)

Monday 24

Poetry as an Act of Courage
with Pádraig Ó Tuama

& Improvisational Leadership

Barbara Tint

Wednesday 26

Artist as Leader, Leader as Artist
with Martin Hayes

Starting with Place
Brendan Dunford

Friday 28

Poetry as the art
of noticing the Ordinary

with Pádraig Ó Tuama

Evoking the Artist Within
Fateme Banishoeib

Closing Circle

Fri 28

Where might our collective imagination take us?


​Your registration fee will help us cover basic costs and provide an honorarium to our session hosts. Please register early, themed sessions have limited space.

Your registration for the three days includes two optional resources: a curated trio beginning in early September or an individual session with one of our certified coaches. Details will be shared on the last day of the Gatherings.


If you need to discuss making an adjustment to the fee (either to request a partial scholarship or to help fund someone who needs one), please contact Julia Long.

    (if you work in a corporation, large organization, public body): €395


    (if you work in an NGO or independent, small business):  €275

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