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  • Jennifer Fleming, GM Mission and Corporate Development, Baptcare, Australia

  • Helen Morley, Senior Consultant, Insights & Founder Emergence, Canada & Australia

  • Bill Nicholson, Director, Streamer Strategy, Australia​

  • Christine O’Connor, Life Giving Psychology Resolutions, Townsville Australia

  • Beverly Sacks, CEO Quadrant Consulting, Australia​

  • Kate Scott, Director, Streamer Strategy, Australia


  • Sara Brubacher, Mennonite Central Committee, Canada

  • Veronica Ding, Executive Advisor, VQD International, Toronto, Canada

  • Kathleen D’Sylva, Professional Services Team Lead & Philanthropist, Softchoice, Canada

  • Christine Hannon, Business Development, Softchoice, Canada

  • Iman Masud Omar, Principal Consultant, Context Consulting, Canada

  • Philip McKernan, Vancouver Canada

  • Marsha Skain, Founder, Aslan Counseling, Burlington, Canada

  • Kirsty Spence, Associate Professor, Brock University, St Catharine's, Canada

  • Mary Stacey, Founder Context Consulting and Burren Executive Leadership Retreat, Canada

  • Gisele Theriault, Founder, The Barber’s Daughter, Toronto, Canada

  • Susan Ursel, Senior Partner, Ursel Phillips Fellows Hopkinson LLP, Canada

  • Anne Wright, artist, Canada


I couldn't have known, when looking for an 'at the edge' leadership development experience, what an important chapter in my life the four days would be.

Kate Billing, Founder of Blacksmith,  New Zealand


  • Alice Etienne, Masters student in Public Administration and Energy, Sciences Po, Paris France


  • Maura Hayes Bachmeyer, Germany



  • Dr Jim Browne, President, NUI Galway, Ireland​

  • ​Billy Byrne, Kinchlyons Consulting, Ireland

  • Telmo Carlos, Organization Development Consultant and Integral Coach, Galway, Ireland

  • Kate Coleman, Oculoplastic Surgeon, Ireland

  • Brendan Dunford, Ashoka Fellow, Ireland

  • Carol Gleeson, Manager, Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geo Park, Ireland​

  • ​Mary Rose Greville, Professor, Trinity Business School, Ireland

  • ​Camilla Griehsel, Artist, West Cork Ireland

  • ​Martin Hayes, Traditional Irish Musician, Ireland​

  • Martin Hawkes, Centre for Universal Creativity, Burren College of Art, Ireland

  • Mary Hawkes-Greene, President, Burren College of Art, Ireland


It is only in a place such as the Burren where one can really find the connection between what we are, what we want to be, and the steps to take us along the way.

Colm Lyon, CEO of Fire, Ireland

  • Mark Patrick Hederman, Abbot, Glenstal Abbey, Co Limerick, Ireland

  • Sean Hegarty, Renewables Delivery Manager, ESB, Ireland​

  • Mike Hensey, Hensey Consulting & Associates, Ireland

  • Colm Lyon, CEO and Founder, Realex Payments, Dublin, Ireland

  • Stephen Lusty, Business leader and Entrepreneur, JAG'L Consulting, Ireland

  • Pat McLoughlin, Site Director, Abbot Medical Devices, Ireland

  • Eamonn Meehan, Executive Director, Trocaire, Ireland

  • Eddie Molloy PhD. Director, Advanced Organization and Management Development, Dublin Ireland

  • James Morris, CEO Windmill Lane Pictures, Ireland

  • Catriona O’Curry, M.A., Leadership in Human Systems, Ireland

  • Geraldine O’Neill, Ireland

  • Nial O’Reilly, Ignite Executive and Business Coaching, Ireland

  • Padraig Ó Tuama, Poet and Theologian, Ireland

  • Eamon Ryan, Leader of the Green Party, Dublin, Ireland​

  • Helen Shenton, Librarian & College Archivist, The University of Dublin, Ireland


The inspiration I found in those three days is something I return to on a daily basis, whenever the spirit is flagging.

Eamon Ryan, Green Party Leader, Ireland

  • Mark Tottenham, Barrister and Editor-in-Chief of Stare Decisis Hibernia, Ireland

  • Vincent Walshe, Internet Success and Stare Decisis, Ireland

  • Julie Watson, Congregational Leader, 
    Presentation Sisters, Ireland

  • Paul Wilson, CEO, Monaghan Mushrooms, Tyholland, Ireland

  • Tara Wilson, Director of Training and Development, Monaghan Mushrooms, Tyholland, Ireland​

  • Patricia Davison, School of Psychology 
    Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • Grainne Close, Former National Director of Autism Initiatives, Northern Ireland

  • Dave Quinn, Managing Director, Windmill LaneDublin, Ireland


I’d begun a new role, and the Retreat helped me make important decisions and gave me clarity about the way forward in leadership.

Pat Murray, Secretary General, Union of International Superiors, Italy



  • Pat Murray, Secretary General, Union of International Superiors, Rome, Italy​


  • Reilly Dow, Graphic Facilitator and Context Associate, Mexico

  • Rodolfo (Rodo) Cordova Alcaraz, Vice President, Metgroup Mexico


  • Melissa Muirhead, Global HR Director- Finance, Heineken, The Netherlands


  • Kate Billing, Blacksmith Consulting, Aukland New Zealand

  • Pete Chandler, Chief Operating Officer, Bay of Plenty District Health Board, New Zealand

  • Rochelle Spillane, Organizational Capability Leader, Balance Agri-Nutrients, New Zealand


  • Zainab Khan, Founder, SeidoHR, Pakistan


  • Fateme Banishoeib, Business heARTist, Portugal


  • Alina Porumb, Strategic Philanthropy Programme Director, ARC, Romania

I have found a community that I look forward to being part of for many, many years. Months later, I find wisdom emerging in my work that I didn’t even realize I’d found.

Kevin Callahan, Interaction Agility, USA

It allowed me to further develop my authentic and courageous leadership stands without fear of being taken down by corporate systems or expectations. 


 Roel Reynders, Head of Biotechnology Quality, Merck


  • Colleen Anderson, Cape Town South Africa

  • Lynette Denny, Chair and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Groot Shuur Hospital, South Africa


  • Virginia Gonzalez, Founding Partner, Interdoing, Spain

  • Peter Azam Khan, Spain


  • Greg Bernarda, Founder, GBSD, Switzerland

  • Myriam Chikirou, Head of Strategy Realization Office & Chief of Staff, Supply Network Operations, Merck Group, Switzerland

  • Dulamdary Enkhtor, Ph.D, Executive Coach, ValueAdd Group AG, Switzerland

  • Roel Reynders, VP Head of Biotechnology Quality at Merck, Switzerland

  • Frederique Santerre, Global Head, Access to Health, Merck, Switzerland


  • Peter Bluckert, Principal, Peter Bluckert Consulting, UK

  • Lesley Bluckert, Director, Peter Bluckert Consulting, UK

  • ​Roisin Greene, Account Director, SalterBaxter Group, UK

  • ​Viv Grant, Founder Integrity Coaching, UK

  • Lynn Hanford-Day, OD Lead, Colne Housing Society, UK

  • Michael Harris, Instructional Designer and Psychotherapist, London UK

  • Alexander Mackenzie, Artist, Storyteller and Director of Mackenzie-inc, UK

  • Rosie Magee, Iona Centres Director, the Iona Community, Scotland

  • Mick Mannion, Managing Director, M3 Consulting, London UK​

  • Siobhan Soraghan, Founder and Director, Active Insight; and Director of the Innovation NetworkMilton Keynes UK​

  • ​Lynne Wigens, Regional Chief Nurse, NHS England Midlands & East, UK

  • Lesley Young, Director, Integra Coaching UK, Scarborough UK 

Newtwon Castle, summer_edited.jpg

What an extraordinary experience of peace, beauty, challenge, and exploration. I strongly recommend you take on this experience—it is one of a kind.

Lynette Denny, Chair and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Groot Shuur Hospital, South Africa


  • Ivy H. Anthony, Pastor of Community Life, Reservoir Church, USA

  • Karen Beppler-Dorn, Superintendent, Pinnacles National Park, USA

  • Pamela Bennett, Healthcare Executive. Leader. Connector., Arizona USA

  • David Bjerken, Physician, McLeod Health, USA

  • Jamie Brady, Senior Director, Genzyme - Sanofi, Boston USA

  • ​Michele Cahill, Distinguished Fellow, National Center for Civic Innovation, USA

  • Kevin Callahan, Interaction Agility, Maine USA

  • Joan Carty, Director, Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, USA​​

  • Maura Conlon-McIvorAuthor, + Depth Psychologist, Oregon & California, USA

  • Marc Cooper, Founder & President, DEO Dental Group LLC, Oregon USA

  • Leslie Copland, Owner, Leslie Copland Leadership, Oregon USA

  • Susie de Ville, Founder & CEO Innovation & Creativity Institute, North Carolina USA

  • Jenny Finn, Ph.D., Head of School, Springhouse Community School, USA

  • Gary Finnan, CadenceCXC, U.S.A.

  • Dwight Frindt, Co-founder 2130 Partners, Washington, USA

  • Suzanne Mayo Frindt, President & CEO The Global Hunger Project, New York, USA

  • Merrie B. King, Executive Director Montessori Education Center of the Rockies, Colorado USA

Photo 8-29-17, 6 52 10 PM_edited.jpg

I work in a world that has a lot of complexity and the Retreat gave me an opportunity to step out and think about things I want to carry forward in the years to come.

Jamie Brady, Senior Director of Global Learning and Development, Genzyme-Sanofi, USA

  • Sarah Laskin, Vice President, National Advocacy, National Wildlife Federation, U.S.A

  • Kenn Lamson, Head of Nonprofit Relationship Management, Vanguard Group, USA

  • Ann Hoffman-Ruffner , CEO, Wayfinding Women, Ohio USA

  • ​Cynthia Holladay Loosly, CEO, Upright Marketing, USA

  • Lori Mazan, Founder, Sounding Board Inc., USA

  • Ann Kirby McGill, Minnesota, USA

  • Julie Klee, Creative Coordinator Brain Health Center, California USA

  • David Moore, Industrial Design and Development , USA

  • Michael Namkung, Artist at Draw Your Line, Oregon, USA

  • Lyssa Palu-ay, Dean, Office of Justice, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, USA

  • Dan Reed, Chief Development Officer, Morris Animal Foundation, Denver USA

  • Patricia Richards, Director, Partner Engineering Programs, VMware, USA

  • Diane Rode, Director, The Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital, USA

  • Lorna Stern, Vice President, Arcadia University and Executive Director, The College of Global Studies, U.S.A

  • ​Harriette Thurber-Rasmussen, PhD Candidate, Fielding Graduate Institute, USA​

  • Barbara Tint, Professor, Portland State University & President, The Applied Improvisation Network, USA

  • Phil Todd, Senior Engineer, L-3 Communications Electron Technologies, San Francisco, USA

  • Heather Walls, Chief Creative Officer, Wikimedia Foundation California, USA

  • David Whyte, Poet and Author, U.S.A

  • Gayle Karen Young Whyte, Full Circle Group and Context Associate, USA

Photo 8-28-17, 3 01 01 PM_edited.jpg

The Retreat turned out to be the ultimate in affirmation of life and purpose—in the humbling company of experienced corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries.

Kate Coleman, Oculoplastic Surgeon, Ireland

To inquire about receiving an invitation, contact founder Mary Stacey to arrange a call.

To inquire about receiving an invitation, contact founder Mary Stacey to arrange a call.

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