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Mary Hawkes Greene

Re-igniting the tradition of advanced learning established by the Brehon and Bardic schools of the 16th century, Mary and her late husband Michael established the Burren College of Art in 1994 to enable artists to create and be inspired by the powerful Burren landscape. Read more about Mary.

Martin Hawkes

Martin is a former public servant in the Ministry of Finance and a banker with Banque National de Paris, and is now a business and social entrepreneur and company director with interests in tourism, film post-production services and education. He was a founding trustee of the Burren College of Art, the annual Burren Law School and the landscape charity Burrenbeo Trust, which he also chairs. Read more about Martin.

Julia Long

Julia has been working at the Burren College of Art since 2012. Having a journalistic back-ground, she works as anchor-point between various programmes taking place on campus throughout the year. From overseeing all aspects of the group study abroad programme to conferences, art focused workshops and leadership events, Julia also provides digital-marketing assistance helping support and develop the College’s promotional campaigns.

To inquire about receiving an invitation, contact founder Mary Stacey to arrange a call.

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